I'm looking to find out when the photo on the right was taken, so I can identify this mans age.

I am trying to work out either by the suit or the style of photo a rough era, as well as by the appearance.

I am trying to determine if the man on the photo in the left is the same person as the one on the right. We know the left photo was taken in 1949.

Anyone able to pose some suggestions?nono?

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    I think your question may be a duplicate of genealogy.stackexchange.com/q/9950/19 – PolyGeo Jun 19 at 7:18
  • Men's clothing is a poor indicator, men who rarely rare suits may use the same suit for decades. – Mattman944 Jun 22 at 17:23
  • Most family pictures would be color by the 1970s, so I think the right is 1960s or earlier. – Mattman944 Jun 22 at 17:24

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