I have been working through transcribing and translating my great-grandfather's Civil Guard records (via Spanish Language Stackexchange). So far we have processed 1902 through 1912.

In several records it referred to the Herrera Civil Guard office. My great-grandfather was posted there for a number of years.

Then, in 1912 he was assigned to Corcoya and I can't find any existing office. Google provides information about the current office (or rather, lack of it) but nothing about the history.

How can I learn about the history of the Guardia Civile Office in Corcoya, and its location when my great-grandfather was posted there during 1912? This would let me fill in more detail of my great-grandfather's life.


I stumbled on this webpage which also mentions Corcoya:


It might be a point of contact to find out more.

Using a translation service the first paragraph reads as:

Yesterday morning, our Mayor, accompanied by the Councilor for Citizen Security and Traffic, held a working meeting with the Sergeant and the Corporal of the Civil Guard Barracks of our municipality, where its operation and the increase in agents were analyzed, after the recent incorporation of four new troops, which means greater police coverage for Badolatosa and Corcoya.

Contact info:

Ayuntamiento de Badolatosa AVENIDA CUBA 32 41570, BADOLATOSA, SEVILLA

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