I am descended from 2 children of my 22nd great-grandmother. One of the fathers is listed as 22nd great-grandfather and the other is listed as husband 22nd great-grandmother. Is there a way to fix the second to reflect that he is also my 22nd great=grandfather?

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Ancestry doesn't show every possible relation between yourself and another person.

"If someone in your tree is related to you in multiple ways (for example, if they're your 9th cousin and they're also married to your aunt), the relationship on their profile page will display the biological relationship before a relationship through marriage, unless the relationship through marriage is a spouse or parent-in-law—in which case, the spouse or parent-in-law would be displayed first. In this example, your uncle would be displayed as your 9th cousin. "

You cannot control or change what is displayed. One thing to check, however, would be that every relationship between you and your 22x GGF is set correctly; if any relationship is set incorrectly or missing, then the "spouse first" case would kick in, as it seems to be in your particular case.

Ref: https://support.ancestry.com/s/article/View-Relationship-to-Me-in-Ancestry-Member-Trees-1460090076557

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