Is anyone aware of an online-accessable index/list of the MI's for this churchyard?

I cannot find such on the CD of Staffordshire MI's published by BMSGH (Midland-Ancestors) nor within the Staffordshire Collection on FindMyPast.

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For a big-picture approach to this question, see Determining what records are available in a particular locale?

This is a general procedure for finding Staffordshire records. New record collections come online all the time, so even if these suggestions yield no results today, they may yield an answer tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Step zero on any record search is to start a log or journal entry or report to yourself about where you searched, how you searched, and what your results are, and to set up a calendar entry or 'tickler' to remind yourself to repeat the search later if the initial search fails.

I have not limited this answer to searching only for online records. When searching, my main goal is to determine what records survive and what archives they are held in. Once I have knowledge of what records exist, it is much easier to set up a Google Alert or watch in other ways for news about that record set coming online. (For an example of a item that might be worth a Google Alert, see the "Also of Interest" section at the bottom of this answer.)

Try searching for both records and finding aids, and search all jurisdictions. In addition to searching general search engines and GenealogySE for prior questions, here are some places you can try.

Specialist sites:

Finding Published Sources:

Sites like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Academia.edu may seem like a stretch, but by reading the bibliographies and citations in academic works, you can sometimes find real gems, and once you have a specific article or book title to look for, you can search for online copies in online digital libraries.

Also of interest:

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