I can't read the profession of Anna Maria's father. My Kurrent is still not great, and I can't read the letters well enough to figure out a word that fits. It sort of looks like it's "Bürger u. Salzhuford nach gr___ßin" or "Bürger u. Sapfuhord nach gr____ßin", but I could use some assistance from anyone who can read this better than I. If it helps, the area had a salt mine; the Burkhardts of this area were generally salt-mining workers, leatherworkers, day laborers, mill workers, or potters. In the record of Anna Maria's birth, he was listed as a "Bürger u. Taglöhner".

enter image description here

Here's another entry with what looks to be the same text for his occupation, from his wife's funeral record:

enter image description here

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The profession is Salzführer (the final letter in the original is an end-s due to being in genitive case), which according to a quick internet search is a variant of Salzfuhrmann, i.e. a teamster or carter transporting salt.

The following words are nachgelaßene Tochter (modern spelling would be nachgelassene) and not part of the profession.


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