Looking for the Passengers list on the SS Witteland. Landed in Baltimore, Maryland on June 11, 1910. Name Marcin Glowacki. His final destination was Grand Rapids Michigan. Born November 4, 1892.

  • Questions like this can be improved by telling us where you got the information that the passenger arrived in the USA. If we know what record you already have on hand, we can suggest other records to check that might lead to the passenger list. Plus, including the source information of whatever you have shows research effort.
    – Jan Murphy
    Oct 16, 2021 at 22:24

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I suspect the vessel you are looking for is actually the SS Wittekind, which arrived in Baltimore on 26 May 1910. The passenger list is available on Familysearch, and Marcin Glowacki, aged 18, is listed among the passengers (2nd on the list).

As an interesting aside, the SS Wittekind was seized by the United States in 1917, eventually becoming the cargo and transport ship USS Freedom.

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