I am confused by the word "resident" when referring to the groom - here in context:

Henry Chapman (a bachelor) resident of this parish
and Grace Cummins (a spinster) of this parish

To me it is implying that there is a difference in residence between Henry and Grace - does it mean that Henry is just staying there and not part of the parish - neither as far as I know were baptised in the parish (Milverton).

The document source is: Somerset Heritage Service; Taunton, Somerset, England; Somerset Parish Records, 1538-1914; Reference Number: D\P\milv/2/1/13

It is page 100 item 300


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The word resident at that time implied ownership.

A resident of the parish will have owned property. They own a residence.

Being described simply as of the parish indicates the person lived there but did not own the residence. A spinster, as likely as not, still lived with her parents.

I have a number of relatives who lived in or near Milverton around this time. Some are labelled resident others not. I have tracked down some property ownership records online which seem to confirm this distinction.

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