Where do I start looking for a birth certificate for my father born in Lviv

Fathers surname Mandel name aka Zygfryd born Lviv 19/01/1918

  • Is your father's name Zygfryd, and surname Mandel ?
    – Veverke
    Jan 11 at 20:10

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In 1918, the region of Galicia went from Austria-Hungary to Poland (to keep it short), and today Lviv is part of the Ukraine. I would guess that the records are to be found in Polish or Ukrainian archives.

The FamilySearch wiki has a short page on the region (see here), which essentially links to the main Polish search portal, Szukaj w Archiwach, and the archives of Lviv.

If you know your father's religion (or rather, his parents one) at birth, my advice (very basic, I have to admit) is to follow the steps in the FamilySearch wiki, and look in Szukaj for civil registration documents from Lviv.

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