I have data pertaining to my Grandmother's side of the family, it is saved as a .familyxbak file which I think is some sort of backup file downloaded from a genealogy website like myheritage.com or ancestry.com.

I am not familiar with this side of my family and was sent these files to add to a wider family tree so getting these to open would be super helpful, problem is... I can't.

Does anyone know what I can do to open such a file?

Is there software which will open it for me?

Software which can diagnose the file and give me information about it?

Or, is there a way of converting the file into a GEDCOM file?

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The .familyx extension appears to indicate a file created by My Family Tree genealogy software for Windows. Their documentation lists .familyx as the name of the file that represents

a special container which packages all the family tree data, photos, stories, audio, videos, and attachments in a single file.

It's possible that someone saved their My Family Tree as a .familyx file and then manually renamed it to .familyxbak.

Another possibility is that someone used My Family Tree's "Backup and Share" feature, for which the documentation does not identify the file extension used. Maybe this feature creates the .familyxbak file.

In any case, it should be safe to retain the original .familyxbak as your backup, copy that file to a .familyx file in another directory/folder (so you have two files, the .familyxbak and the separate .familyx), and attempt to open the .familyx file in the My Family Tree software.

If something goes wrong, you still have the original .familyxbak unaltered.

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