Are there good public sites available that have information about Portugal and Brazil ?

They don't need to be in portuguese, I just need information about genealogy and registries of persons who were born in Portugal or in Brazil.

I'm searching for registries from 1850-1930.

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    If I understand you right, you're looking for public sites that have Brazilian/Portuguese birth certificates. It might be better if you gave an approximate time period you're looking for records in. 19th century? 18th? 17th? Nov 7 '12 at 17:34
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    Jan 22 '17 at 23:52

My first starting points for answers to questions such as this are always:

FamilySearch This link leads to information on Brazil, but there is an equivalent page for Portugal. Both pages have links to relevant records online.

Cyndi's List This link leads to links on Portugal but there's also a page for Central & South America which covers Brazil.

  • I'd also say that tombo.pt is the best choice for finding birth records upto 1910. Feb 27 '18 at 14:41

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