While reviewing the digital image of a record from the Ancestry.com collection, "Georgia, Property Tax Digests, 1793-1893," I found this phrase several times on the page: "Do agt for" followed by a person name.

I'm not even sure that I'm transcribing it right, so I'm including a picture which shows 2 occurrences.enter image description here

I suspect there may be an abbreviation involved. I suspect that understanding this entry may give a hint to the relationship between the names involved.

According to Ancestry.com, these records represent the "tax digest books for 135 Georgia counties from 1793 - 1893." For those with Ancestry.com access, you can see the entire page here


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A search pertaining to the acronym agt yielded this fantastic snippet from ancestry.com. Hope this helps.: }


Agents, sometimes abbreviated Agt, represented the person who owed the tax. Women property holders often had men represent them on tax lists. The agent might be a family member, or he might represent a group who had sent one person to pay their taxes rather than all of them making the trip.



I suspect "Do" represents "Ditto." See Wikipedia, "Ditto Mark," for the passage, "The abbreviation do. is also used."

I suspect also that "agt" represents "agent." See All-Acronyms.com for "agt-agent."

I have not worked with the Georgia records before, but the names in the first column appear as obligors (to the tax) or payors. In this case, William Da __ sey appears obligated or to have paid taxes on his own account, but he also appears obligated or to have paid taxes as the agent for account of Sarah Da __ sey.

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