In the past, I've used PAF and Gramps to manage my family's genealogy records. I really like Gramps in particular, because of its flexibility and ability to store pictures, stories, etc. I am currently interested in turning this information into a family history book that I can give to various family members as a gift. In particular, this book would have things like family records and trees, pictures, personal stories and journal entries, and LDS temple records. I would really like to not have to copy/retype all of this information currently stored in Gramps into a word document if I don't have to. Is there a good program (preferably free or open source), or even some type of plugin for Gramps that can help me create this book from the data stored in Gramps' database? I do have experience with programming and scripting, but I'd rather avoid writing a program to parse through this information if I don't have to.

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    Both posts are very helpful! Thanks for the links. I will take a look at these options and see what will work best, but it looks like I will have to do some python/latex to get it just the way I want. Commented Mar 4, 2013 at 21:20

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From the Gramps website here is the relevant section for using the Book Reports which allow you to create a single document (i.e. a Book) containing a collection of graphical and textual reports.

Also see what looks like a great example of someone creating a 401 page family book in gramps by Joachim Breitner

You might also want to try asking this question on one of the Gramps mailing list with your programming experience probably the gramps-devel list.

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    Good find, great looking book. Commented Feb 26, 2013 at 4:30

I have used The Complete Genealogy Reporter available from here in the past for sending details to relatives. There is a free 30 day trial so you can try it out.

I also tried Ancestral Author from here and that is quite good too. The trial version watermarks your reports.

Neither is particularly expensive and may give you what you need.

If they aren't 100% of what you want as they produce a pdf file you can get one of the free pdf to word converters to give you a document that you could then edit in your word processor.

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