Wiliam Bradford (March 19, 1590 – May 9, 1657) came over on the Mayflower, was governor, and was one of the original clebrebrants of Thanksgiving. Descendants are eligible for joining the Mayflower Society. Is there a genealogical society for his descendants? I searched on the internet and found some references to the Society of Governor William Bradford Descendants at http://www.sgwbd.com/
but the website doesn't appear to be working. Is any one a member? Can they direct me to how to contact the society.

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I'm not a member but have done some web searches. I can't find an active society listing for a genealogy society for the William Bradford.

The last time the website you listed was online archived was Feb 2, 2011. I was able to dig around a bit on the archived info and got an application form to come up that lists this as the person to send applications to:

Carol Scarborough Society of Governor Wm. Bradford Descendants, Inc. 820 Morning Star Circle
China Spring, Texas 76633-3314 E-Mail [email protected]

No idea if that is defunct or not but it may be a starting point.

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