The First Parish Church of Norwell has records back to 1642 and has scanned all of the church records to facilitate historical and genealogical research. See http://www.firstparishnorwell.org/archive.htm

My understanding is James Sparrell was involved in the building of the church. Werelatelink cites a reference showing he was a member of the church in 1820.

Do any records exist of the building of the church?

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Here are photos of a family heirloom given to my grandfather as recognition for many years of service with the Scituate Historical Society. It is a framed picture of the church with what we believe is the proposal for building it. It is addressed "To the Gentlemen Committee for Building a Meeting House in the South Parish". It is from -or what we think appears to read- James N Sparrell, George A Robbins, Elnathan Cushing Jr.

It's header states "Scituate Feb 22 1830" (or 1820)?

The proposal gives two options based on the spire on the cupola- $2,650 or $2,750.

Photo of church and proposal in its entirety Cover of proposal Photo3 Photo4 Signatures

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