I found a strange name on a baptismal record from Biały Kamień which is now part of Ukraine. The records are mostly in Polish and Latin.

enter image description here

It looks like "Nikiefor" but that's a very strange name. I've never seen that name before and I've viewed decades worth of records for the town. Plus there are only 169 results for it on Google.

Extra points if you can tell me what the origin of the name is.

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Your reading of this given name as "Nikiefor" seems to be reasonable. Behind the Name lists Nikifor (without an "e") as the Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Polish form of the Greek name Nikephoros.

Note 1: the full image of the register page, which would show additional examples of writing, is only viewable at a Family History Center or to LDS church members. See the collection description Ukraine, Western Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates .

Note 2: many of the Google hits using "Nikiefor" spelling are error pages of various kinds. "Nikifor" has more than 3 million hits.

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