I would like to get a text list of all the surnames in my gedcom from gramps. I can get a window with the info I need by using the 'statistics' gramplet and clicking on 'Unique Surnames'. This opens a 'quickview' window with the list but I can't seem to copy that list. I'm running on a mac and cmd-c doesn't seem to work on the list. Does anyone knows how to copy the info from quickview, or is there a different gramplet I should be using?

The 'top surname' and 'surname cloud' gramplets don't give the entire 732 surnames that I'm looking for (or at least I haven't figured out how to get them to).

I've looked thru the gramps wiki manual and not found the answer (but I'm guessing it is in there somewhere).

I know I can get into the source code if I have to but I'm hoping someone already has an answer.


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The top surnames gramplet can be configured to display this. Take note of the total number of surnames and navigate to ~/.gramps/Gramplets_grampletview_gramplets.ini in your file browser. Open the file and scroll to the Top Surnames section. On the data[0]=10 line, change the 10 to the number of surnames that there are. Save and exit the file.

The surnames cloud gramplet can also be configured to do the same.


I am sorry I can't help with a method of doing it in Gramps. However, Gramps can create a Gedcom file. There is a free on-line utility called Ged2Wordle that will do what you want. It is available here.

Disclaimer: I wrote this utility for someone else and it is my website.


Gramps 4.2 now has a "Copy all" option on right-click that will allow copy to the clipboard from the quickview. Gramps 4.2 will probably be released later this year.

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