Is there genealogy software (as always, preferably for Mac OS X), that reads a GEDCOM file and shows me who lived at a certain point in time at a certain place (and how old this person was)? I am a little tired of checking manually the dates of every John Doe in my database to find those who possibly could be the godfather of the person I am working on.

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I use Family Historian (PC programme running under Crossover on my MAC) and this has a very powerful query language built in. It allows you to write your own queries that display in table form and the table links back to the individual records.

There is a free 30 day trial of Family Historian available so it may be worth trying it to see if it gives you what you want. There are several videos on YouTube from Jane Taubman that run through some of the powerful features of the programme.

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I use the location feature of gigatrees.com (free site). It doesn't allow you to narrow things down to a certain point in time, but you can quickly narrow your search down to a few individuals and then examine that list for those who fit the timeframe you're looking for.


Mac Family Tree available on the iTunes store for Mac does this under Views->Timeline. It allows you to zoom in and such. What it does not currently do is allow you to filter so if you have a lot of John Does in a particular time range you may get a lot of noise. I have found the developers of Mac Family Tree extremely responsive to bug reports and feature requests so if I a couple of people requested a particular feature I would think it would make it onto their roadmap and they quite actively update the application.

When on PC I was personally a huge fan of Progency Software's Genelines charting software packages that gave you lots of different views of your data and believe it had a nice timeline view as well. Unfortunately it is only available for PC and I have corresponded with them multiple times over the last several years since switching to Mac and they have no intention of porting the software.

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Gramps (free, open source) can do this, as well as many other reports, queries etc.

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    Hi, welcome to genealogy.SE! How exactly does Gramps display this information? What do I need to do? Thanks.
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