On the 1841 Census Record for my 3rd great grandparents John Billin and Mary Symons, there is a notation that I am keen to clarify.

The record for this family starts at the bottom of one page and show that John is a 25 year old Mercer and Tailor living with Mary aged 25.

enter image description here

At the top of the next page their two children Joseph (2 years old) and William (6 months) are enumerated along with a Catherine Sampson, aged 20, who has what looks like "F.S." written in the "Occupation" column.

enter image description here

The same abbreviation appears elsewhere on these two pages against four other women aged from 20 to 75 years, and I think it may be short for "Female Servant".

Can anyone confirm that this is the likely or certain meaning?

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I should have searched harder before asking because I just found this abbreviation recorded on a page entitled Abbreviations Used On Census Returns England & Wales 1841-1891 where it says:

F.S. ~ Female Servant (1841 Census)

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