Normally I take script and put it into Google Translate. The problem is I can't read this script. It is legible however, this baptismal record is from 1706 and I don't have any experience with really old Danish handwriting.

If you think you can help or know someone that speaks Danish, I would really appreciate the help.

  • Could you add a link to the document?
    – J.J.D.
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Google is your friend:


"Genealogy Center translators are able to translate most Danish letters and documents, including those in old Gothic handwriting or print, as well as Danish church and census records; and can make referrals for translations of both modern and Gothic German-language documents."


You could try the Danish Society for computer assisted genealog (DIS-Danmark) at https://www.slaegtogdata.dk/

English starter help for their forums here: https://www.slaegtogdata.dk/andet/forum-help-english

  • If it's a short text and the source is available online you could perhaps link it and we could give it a go...
    – HavardMoe
    Commented Sep 29, 2014 at 7:51

Another option is to learn to more about Danish and Scandinavian handwriting yourself. At a minimum, you'll get a little further with the records before needing to ask for help, and can be more specific about the problem words.

The FamilySearch Wiki has a number of pages and tutorials on Scandinavian languages and writing. Search word combinations like Danish, handwriting.

Their tutorials are definitely worthwhile, regardless of existing experience with a language.

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