My husband's family came from Bucharest. Specifically his mother was born in Sibiu. I have been able to piece together names and relations of several grand and great grandparents from word of mouth and some fortunate pictures they had of the cemetery in Sibiu. I cannot however find any records of birth's and death's for any of them.

Are there sites or organizations that hold records for Romania?

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Vital Records in Romania are kept by two types of institutions:

  1. Town halls, for records less than 100 years old;
  2. The National Archives, as well as sometimes Churches, for records older than 100 years old.

The cutoff date is not set in stone. Older and newer records can be found in both places.

Romanian vital records are considered private information. Therefore, only your husband can apply for them, and must do so through legal, rather than historical / genealogical channels. To do so, he can ask the Romanian Consulate, including by internet on www.econsulat.ro, which is free but takes years (literally), particularly for purely genealogical purposes. Or he can go through a specialist like www.romaniandocuments.net.

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