As referred in this (actually unanswered) question in 2012, I would like to use the web app functionality of GRAMPS which is called Gramps Connect.

But I get the following error message:

 WARNING: _manager.py: line 293: Plugin error (from 'ExportDjango'): No module named 'gramps.webapp'

Apparently, Gramps does not find my django installation. How do I install or find the module gramps.webapp?

By the way, this are the settings of my computer:

Gramps Settings:
 python    : 3.4.3
 gramps    : 4.1.3-1
 gtk++     : 3.16.3
 pygobject : 3.16.1
 pango     : 1.36.8
 Using bsddb3
 bsddb     : 6.0.1
 bsddb.db  : 5.3.28
 cairo     : 1.14.2
 pycairo   : 1.10.0
 osmgpsmap : 1.0
 GExiv2    : 0.10
 ICU       : 55.1
 PyICU     : 1.9.2
 o.s.      : linux
 kernel    : 4.0.4-2-ARCH

Environment settings:
 LANG      : en_GB.UTF-8
 GRAMPSI18N: not set
 GRAMPSHOME: not set
 GRAMPSDIR : not set

Non-python dependencies:
 Graphviz  : 2.38
 Ghostscr. : 9.16

System PATH env variable:

Edit: Do I need to compile Gramps from the sources by force or why is Gramps Connect (apparently) not enabled by default?

  • As this is a known bug (as linked in the previous answer), any answer to this question is really a programming answer, so more appropriate for SO. – Harry V. May 31 '15 at 21:47
  • @vervet I'm in two minds about whether it is better asked here or at Stack Overflow but in any event it has also been asked there. Normally I do not like to see cross-posts but since we are in Beta an occasional cross-posting like this one can help decide whether it is on/off-topic for Genealogy & Family History. – PolyGeo May 31 '15 at 22:42
  • @PolyGeo It seems more support for the application and I would think it would be neither, or if of the two ours because our "Genealogy Software" topic. – CRSouser May 31 '15 at 22:54
  • @CRSouser Super User may also be more suitable that Stack Overflow for this question but I would not advocate posting it there too, at least not until we and Stack Overflow have had a chance to see if our communities can answer. – PolyGeo May 31 '15 at 23:28
  • I was undecided too before posting. I cross-posted it in the end when I had the same idea as Polygeo. I never cross-posted before. With several stackoverflow flavours in place now, the boundaries of the topic blur. – Til Hund Jun 1 '15 at 7:43

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