When my 4th great grandfather Joseph Binney was buried on 17 Jul 1829 at Lezant, Cornwall, England, his residence was given as Corvoda.

I have looked for Corvoda (and searched on Cordova as a possible variant) without success via general googling and at:

Does anyone know of the location Corvoda near Lezant?

http://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/search-database/more-info/?t=burials&id=1226443 is a link (subject to change) to the burial record that mentions this location.

  • My ancestor Joseph Sargent had a private baptism at this farm in 1824 Oct 28, 2018 at 15:07
  • I used to live there if there is any further info you need. Aug 14, 2023 at 17:05

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Carvoda is/was a farm and settlement very close to Lezant (as shown on this modern map).

It is spelled Curvoda on an earlier map (1883 Ordinance Survey).

An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall, vol 1 has this entry:

Curvoda - Lezant, farm (Symons, 1884); Crevoada, 1806; Crevoada, Curvoda, 1884.

As a matter of interest, according to this glossary of Cornish words, Curvoda means "court by the wood".


Looks like Carvoda, an isolated farm/hamlet, south of Launceston and then south east of the village of Lezant. It's quite close to the A388 Launceston-Callington-Saltash road but road access is only via B roads west of the main road.

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