This draft registration card lists a birth location of what looks like Soodlikof, Poland, but I cannot find any record of such a place. This relative was a Jew born in 1888, so the location is likely a shtetl. Other documents only list "Russia" as the birth place.

draft card

  • If you can identify the friends, associates, neighbors (FAN) and/or siblings of your relatives in the WWI or WWII Draft Registration cards, see if any of them were born in the same town -- that might turn up alternate spellings or the name of the town in a different handwriting which is easier to read. If you find more samples, you can add them to your question.
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A good resource is The Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic Countries

Looking for names similar to Soodlikov, one finds Sudilowka on p 550 of volume XI which tells one to look at the entry Sudylków. Sudylków is found on p 553 of volume XI where it is described over a two columns. Sudylków is on the river Kosecka. In 1870 there were 422 buildings in the town and 1384 residents of which about 40% were Jewish. The town was about 120 km from Żytomierz.


I think it might be Sudlikov. There's a Sudilkov, Ukraine, which gets more matches on Google (see http://grossmanproject.net/sudilkov_jewish_history.htm). But Sudlikov shows up too (eg http://www.antiquejewishbooks.net/522.html). So I'm not sure if they were the same place.

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