I am interested in knowing if my 3rd Great Grandfather, named Adam Hausam, supposedly a tailor, was born in Kirchheim-Bolanden, Germany. Where can I find his birth-record?

It was rumored he was from Denmark.

Andreas Hausam, son of Adam Hausam and Elizabeth Suder, was born in Kirchheim in 1832 and migrated to the U.S around 1866 where he married a woman whose last name was Tisch and supposedly from the same area of Germany.

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If your ancestor was a lutheran, the relevant church records of Kirchheimbolanden are available via Archion:

Zentralarchiv der evangelischen Kirche der Pfalz → Kirchheimbolanden

As of today, the site is only available in German and there are no indexed records as you might know it from Ancestry/FamilySearch/… Most records however contain a contemporary index where you can search according to the surname. Knowledge of Kurrent handwriting is needed.

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