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How to Trace Ancestors to Switzerland

Some of my Zimmerman ancestors emigrated from Switzerland to the United States (Tuscarawas, Ohio) in the mid 1800s. When I find them on U.S. Census records, there are a bunch of other Zimmerman ...
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How to do research using local resources remotely?

My great great great grandfather spent some of his life in Houghton, Houghton, Michigan, United States, and I would like to find more records for that area regarding his family. The problem is that I ...
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Correctly identifying individual who goes by multiple names?

This question is general to all inquiries where a person has differing last names in multiple records. In my particular case, I am researching my 3rd great grandfather Simon Zoller (1840-1902) and I ...
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Deciding between two baptism records from ca 1744 for Thomas Fowler of Thorganby (Yorkshire, England)

I've traced my family tree to the 1700s Yorkshire, England. Thomas Fowler B: Abt. 1744 England Marriage: 1766 Stillingfleet to Jane Hare, Yorkshire and he was living in Thorganby at the time Thomas'...
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Searching for UK records when only minimal information to go on?

I'm trying to search for more information on a relative, but I'm a bit stumped. I'm trying to find information prior to her marriage which was in 1912. The only information I have of any certainty ...
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When were passports first issued in the USA?

Would a US immigrant from Germany traveling back to Germany in the 1850's have a passport. Where are these records?
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Determining whether FamilySearch entry is my ancestor and not a namesake?

The Oskar Heftle and Johanna Wilhelmina Brackenhammer found in FamilySearch could be my ancestors but I'm not quite sure. All I know is that one of my 3rd great grandparents was called "Oscar Heftlé" ...
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Dealing with different birthplace and names of parents in England?

I am researching my 2x great-grandmother. (Ann) Norah O’Brien BIRTH ABT 1860 • St Pancras, Middlesex, England DEATH 16 JAN 1923 • Exeter, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom Her life has been quite ...
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Looking for names of grandparents in Magdeburg, Germany when father born 1896?

I am looking for my father Herman Albert Zimmerman, who was born Oct 13, 1896, in Magdeburg, Germany. I found his World War I and II draft papers and have done much research with census and, on the ...
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Finding birth record for William R Rediker who was born ca 1832 in USA?

My 2x Grandfather William R Rediker passed in 1884. He is laid to rest at Bennett Cemetery, in Cheatham County, Tennessee, USA. The information I've obtained is as follows: U.S. Census 1880, 1870, ...
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What does birthplace: "Cold Rain," Ireland imply?

On a 1908 Pennsylvania death certificate for John Stewart, 82, his birthplace is listed as "Cold Rain" Ireland. Irony aside, I think it can be safely assumed that this is a butchering of ...
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Is there an online site where all Prussian and German Census can be found?

Like a bad beginner I had come across one census taken of the town called Angloh Germany in the Kirchham area in Passau region I believe. Anyway I long lost that link. I was hoping to see what family ...
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Locating Charles A. Schuman's birth parents and birthplace in Germany?

How can I locate the birth parents and birthplace in Germany of Charles A Schuman (my paternal gr grandfather)? Arrived in US 1868, age 18, recorded on 1900 census. 2 May 1875 Charles, age 25 ...
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Finding records of Army Service pre-1841 in England

I am researching my 3G GF James Vincent. I have what looks like his baptism (2 Feb 1779, Wilton Wiltshire), and I have found him in the 1841 census living just outside Salisbury, occupation is 'Army ...
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Tracing an ancestor from Scotland back to Ireland?

I have a brick wall with Robert Ferrier born circa 1817 to David Ferrier and Margaret McLachlan. He died 15th May 1899 in Houston Renfrewshire. He married Flora McKay 12 July 1840 in Paisley. I have ...
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