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Is it proper to record the place name "United States of America" or "USA" as part of a historical event that pre-dates 1776? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I use the modern (what it is called now) or historical (what it was called) place name? I use Family Tree Maker which always tries to get me to accept "USA" in a place ...
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Proper Citation for Hungary/Austria Birthplace [duplicate]

I am tracing ancestors born in the late 18th through mid 19th century from a village which at the time was in western Hungary. Following the end of WWI, the area was transferred to Austria and the ...
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Changes in place names of birth [duplicate]

How should one report "place of birth" (or death) where the location has legally changed over time? Many locations experienced county name changes, or birth occurred in an area that later became a ...
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How should place names be recorded?

I have been entering place names into genealogical records from smallest to largest location (i.e. town/locality, county/parish/district, state/province, country). Where one part is not known, I have ...
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When documenting location, should my or their native language be used for place names?

When I'm documenting the place where an event occurred, should I write the name in my own language or in the native language of the place? For example: Spain or España I am assuming that I can only ...
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Which UK county type to use for data entry: historic, ceremonial, registration, or administrative?

This question is related to: Should I use the modern (what it is called now) or historical (what it was called) place name? There is no doubt that the standard is to record the name of the place as it ...
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What is difference between city, town, village, and township in Wisconsin?

I am doing research on my ancestors from Wisconsin, I would like to know what the difference is between a town, a township, a city, and a village. The place name is often different on different ...
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Genealogical Standard way to record the US, USA, United States, United States of America?

What is the genealogical standard way to record specifically the United States of America? I want to be clear this question is specific to storing "United States of America", not a general how to ...
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When does an alternate spelling due to spelling reform warrant preservation?

In comments on a question about whether to use historical or modern place names, @LennartRegebro raised the interesting question of spelling reform, and whether it was fine to use reformed spelling ...
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Setting up Locations in Family Tree Maker 2017?

For those of us interested in switching to FTM2017: In a recent demo of this version locally, entering Locations was shown as: only 4 places were to be used and they were City, County, State, Country;...
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