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Tracing my Swiss German roots through to World War I an unknown fallen soldier

My dilemma is finding out about my great-grandfather's war history. Here's a brief summary of what I know. My father is Swiss. His father was Swiss' and served as a border guard in world war II. It's ...
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What are some strategies for limiting the expenses involved in genealogical research?

This is a community Q&A that came out of the Genealogy.SE Weekly Chat from 30 November 2013 Canadian Girl Scout has previously noted how quickly the expenses can add up when you are serious about ...
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Finding late 1930's ship departures from the Port of San Francisco?

I have been able to locate arrival records from Europe to the United States but have not been able to have success with the reverse. My grandfather and his mother returned back to Europe soon after ...
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How to find 19th Century birth certificate from Novara, Italy?

I am looking for the birth certificate of my great grandfather who was born in the year 1875 or 1876 in Novara, Piedmont, Italy. He died on 19 July 1958 in Argentina. I went to the Church of Jesus ...
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Getting started in Irish research?

A friend's wife has started to research her family history, and has fallen at the first hurdle: one of her ancestors is Irish (born circa 1865 and died in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1948 -- there's a ...
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Locating parents and siblings of someone born in Oklahoma (1903)?

My grandfather was possibly born in Dewey, Oklahoma. I'm trying to locate his siblings and parents. I've Googled and found the following: Tunin, Robert T. 1903 – 1989 (Grandfather) Tunin, Abbie ...
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What are the records that can be used in India to trace one's ancestry?

I'm an Indian and all my ancestors as far as I know are from India. I'm actually trying to reconstruct my family tree by tracing it back. The resources within family like various documents, ...
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Searching for UK records when only minimal information to go on?

I'm trying to search for more information on a relative, but I'm a bit stumped. I'm trying to find information prior to her marriage which was in 1912. The only information I have of any certainty ...
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Slovakia, Bratislava, Reca - Jewish records

I would like to know if someone has any hints about finding Jewish records dated circa 1810 for the small village of Reca, Slovakia. My grandfather was born there in 1812 and moved to Vienna, but I ...
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When were passports first issued in the USA?

Would a US immigrant from Germany traveling back to Germany in the 1850's have a passport. Where are these records?
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Huguenot lineage from Flanders creates a brick wall

I have been researching the family history of my wife and I, and whilst researching my wife’s family history, it appears that her mother was descended from Huguenots. My wife's mother's maiden name ...
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Resources for researching family from Greene County, Tennessee?

I am researching my family tree and am stuck because my ancestor, Henry Harmon, was 24 in 1850 so he is already living with his wife Catherine and child George. The 1840 census doesn't tell me ...
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Dealing with different birthplace and names of parents in England?

I am researching my 2x great-grandmother. (Ann) Norah O’Brien BIRTH ABT 1860 • St Pancras, Middlesex, England DEATH 16 JAN 1923 • Exeter, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom Her life has been quite ...
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Finding place of origin for Irish ancestors

I've been trying to find out more about some of my Irish ancestors. My 3rd great-grandparents John Joseph McEvoy and Mary Murray were living in Liverpool, England in the mid-1840s, but both were ...
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Where to find ship manifests for immigrants to Venezuela, 1946-1953?

I'm researching Latvian immigrants after WWII to Venezuela. Where can I find ship manifests for immigrants to Venezuela during the period 1946-1953?
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