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Searching for WW2 military record of German soldier who died 1945 in Italy? [duplicate]

I have a name, place and date of birth, place and date of death also. This soldier died in Italy in 1945 and is buried in Futa Pass. Could anybody provide me with where i can gain more information ...
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Information on a photo of a German soldier boy who served during the 2nd world war [duplicate]

I have a photo of a German youth soldier who was captured by American forces somewhere in the Ruhr area in March 1945. Can you give me some details as to who the young German soldier boy is?
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Where can I find records about German military records from World War II? [duplicate]

I am looking for information pertaining to German soldiers during World War II. My significant other's great grandparents were from Germany during the second world war. His great-grandfather was in ...
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Finding out what happened to German prisoner of world war 2? [duplicate]

My mother was a Dutch prisoner of war in Mauthausen in 1945. She managed to save the life of a German POW, who was already 11 years in the camp by that time. He fell in love with my mother and wrote ...
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Obtaining WW2 records from the Dienststelle? [duplicate]

My grandfather worked for the German Post office May 1940 to end of war. I have a copy of a letter that my grandfather received in August 1944 while he was living there asking/ordering him to relocate ...
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Identifying German soldier in WWII from single photo? [duplicate]

I found out that my grandfather was actually a German soldier in WWII who was in Austria in the year of 1945 but I only have a photograph and no other information. Is there any way I can search for ...
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Researching German soldiers who were prisoners of war in US during WWII? [duplicate]

My father-in-law was in the Latvian army then conscripted into the German army. We believe he was captured by American forces in either North Africa or Italy and brought to the US. He was in a camp ...
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Where were Bavarian soldiers of E/R 14 imprisoned on farm in Normandy? [duplicate]

Father entered Bavarian army in WW1 in Germany on August 30, 1914. He was in E/R 14, taken prisoner and sent to Normandy, France on a farm. Where was the farm?
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Looking for Ludwig Schermer, DOB 27 Dec 1917 [duplicate]

Ludwig was from Kaiserslautern, GE and said he was in the German Army. He was old enough for WWII, but not completely sure about when he served. He immigrated to USA in March 1957.
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Seeking WW2 service record of Helmut Pelz? [duplicate]

I am looking to find my grandfather's service record in the German navy during the Second World War. He was also a prisoner of war and I have the paper work for this.
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War record book of German soldier [duplicate]

I have a war record book belonging to a German man from WW1. I would like to contact his family if possible to return it. What is the best way to go about this?
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Locating heirs of killed german soldier [duplicate]

I have a friend that has the German Lugar, Helmet, and Bayonet from a German soldier that this American soldier had killed during WWII and would like to locate heirs to return these items to them. We ...
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Finding WW2 records of a Luftwaffe pilot named Adolf Schwartz [duplicate]

I’m trying to find records on my grandfather, his name was Adolf Schwartz and he was a Luftwaffe pilot in world war 2. I only have a picture of him. Does anyone know where I could find his records? He ...
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Finding military records for Romanian pilots stationed in Jüterbog during WWII? [duplicate]

I'm trying to find military records about my uncle, Chis CONSTANTIN. As far as we know he was a Romanian pilot within Luftwaffe, who graduated from flight school in Medias, Romania, and from 1942 was ...
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Family History Grandfather who served in 7th Panzer Division War Records [duplicate]

I am trying to locate my grandfather’s war records I have his service number his division & discharge papers. He was a POW in Algiers 1944. But I want more information about where he was posted ...
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