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Questions tagged [15th-century]

For questions about research in the period from 1401 to 1500 of the Julian calendar.

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Working on pre-16th century German genealogy

I was researching my family on Ancestry, and I seem to have discovered that I can trace my mother's father's line all the way from present-day to about 11th C. The earliest name I can find is Moshe ...
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History of German small town of Angloh?

I found the town of Angloh in Germany but nothing is left of it other than a spa. I tried searching for weeks throughout the web but couldn't find anything about it other than coordinates. How do I ...
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5 votes
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How to find Historical Sources for prominent person in 15th Century England?

Can anyone suggest historical sources I may use to find out about Elizabeth Bedelgate/Bedlisgate who was the mother of Richard Woodville/Wydeville, 1st Earl Rivers? I can find some basic facts on ...
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Medieval (15th and 16th century) records in Spain

In recent meanderings through my family history, we have found a link to medieval (15th and 16th century) Spain (Pamplona region to be precise) - so, is it possible to access records (births, deaths ...
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What sources exist for 15th century England?

Rule #1 for genealogy in the early 21st century has to be “don’t trust information from trees you find online: verify first”. That said, I’ve actually had some quite good results from following back ...
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Source data that establishes the link between two "brothers"?

On Ancestry, I have found a tree that traces from one of my ancestors back to 1465. The person's name at that point is John Tilston (1465-1506). The tree I was using asserted that John's father was ...
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