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Questions tagged [1690s]

For questions about research in the decade from 1690 to 1699. If the question is not only specific to this decade, use the 17th-century tag.

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Transcribing baptism entry from Oberellenbach in 1697

So far, I have this: den 17 Maj ist Elisabeth Schweitzern in [?] von [Zielkes?] kind mit Hans jacob [?] getaufft u. ihm d. nahme Martha Elisabeth von johanneß [?] Tochter von Cunnefeld gegeben ...
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Was this Susannah's first or second marriage?

I found a marriage "record" published in a compilation (New England Marriages Prior to 1700): BROWN, William & Susannah [HARDING], w John; 27 Oct 1699; Eastham I am not sure what w stands for ...
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Accessing returns from the Marriage Duty Act (1695)?

In The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History, on the subject of the Marriage Duty Act (1695), David Hey writes: A tax on 'Marriages, Births and Burials and upon Bachelors and Widowers for ...
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