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Questions tagged [1730s]

For questions about research in the decade from 1730 to 1739. If the question is not only specific to this decade, use the 18th-century tag.

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Transcribing Weidelbach entry from 1735

I have another entry that's quite difficult to read, and for which I could use some help with transcription. So far, I have: Catharina Elisabetha. Joh. [?] Schwei- tzers und Anna Elisabetha [?]in ...
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Grandmother as spinster? (Staffordshire, 1736)

In her 1736 Staffordshire will, a woman named Mary Simpson named her grandson (John Bourne) executor. Bourne requested a proxy (George Hand), and in the proxy request, officials referred to Simpson ...
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Interpreting "married by Licence as I am credibly informed" on 1732 Gloucestershire marriage record?

My 5th great grandfather Edward Chichester was buried at Leighland, Old Cleeve, Somerset, England on 4 May 1823, aged 89, which puts his birth year at about 1734, and I am trying to identify his birth ...
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No first name on baptism record?

I'm looking at the indexed record of a Drumond, son of Walter Drumond and Jennat Mcneil, baptised 07 September 1732 in Drymen, Stirling, Scotland. This record strikes me as unusual, as there was no ...
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