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Questions tagged [1860s]

For questions about research in the decade from 1860 to 1869. If the question is not only specific to this decade, use the 19th-century tag.

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5 votes
2 answers

Finding clues for a missing immigrant in the 1870 Census?

With regards to my previous question, What happened to Gustav Adolf Neumann, 1859 immigrant to the US? and despite the very good answers, it seems like my ancestor, Gustav Adolf Neumann (born on ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where was Matthew Nettell, of Illogan, Cornwall, for the 1861 Census?

I've mentioned my 2nd great grandfather Matthew Nettell previously in Did uncle of Grace Martin Wills (or perhaps of Matthew Nettell) own the Gosforth? Although I have not yet ordered his birth ...
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Tracing police service of South Australian constable from 1855 to 1861?

I am trying to trace the police career of my 3rd great uncle Thomas Hitchcox who seems to have started with the South Australian police, probably moved on to the police force of New South Wales and ...
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Seeking image from New York 1860 Federal Census Index?

In Interpreting relationships to head of household in 1855 New York State Census? I mentioned that: Robert [Sellars] is another son who [in 1855] was living in the same Albany ward as Hugh (...
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