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Questions tagged [1870s]

For questions about research in the decade from 1870 to 1879. If the question is not only specific to this decade, use the 19th-century tag.

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2 answers

Finding clues for a missing immigrant in the 1870 Census?

With regards to my previous question, What happened to Gustav Adolf Neumann, 1859 immigrant to the US? and despite the very good answers, it seems like my ancestor, Gustav Adolf Neumann (born on ...
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4 answers

Reading surname in 1873 diary from Fullarton, South Australia?

I am currently transcribing the 1873 Diary of my 3rd Great Grandfather Thomas Hitchcox who lived at Fullarton (suburb of Adelaide), South Australia, when he wrote it. The image below contains a ...
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3 answers

Meaning of "In Whose Lot Interred: Hugh Sellars" at Menands (Albany Rural Cemetery) in 1872?

I have previously asked several questions about my 4th great grandfather Hugh Sellars/Sillars that included Finding Naturalization Record for Hugh Sellars from Scotland who lived in Albany (New York ...
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Seeking birth record for Margery/Margaret Eddison b. abt 1879 in Scotland?

Margery (or possibly Margaret) Eddison is my 2nd great grandmother. Eddison is her maiden name. I have been unable to find her birth or any records for her. I know about her only because my dad told ...
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Finding ship arrivals for Australia in the 1870s?

I am looking for information relating to the arrival of James DAY in Australia, probably with his wife Anna and four children, William and Isabel (by his first wife, Isabel Carey), and Lucy and Percy. ...
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