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Questions tagged [1940s]

For questions about research in the decade from 1940 to 1949. If the question is not only specific to this decade, use the 20th-century tag.

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2 answers

How to reach out to strangers that could be relatives from an illegitimate birth?

I am trying to determine the best approach to reach out to a group of people that may be related to my immediate family but these people could be surprised by the news. After my grandparent's death, ...
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13 votes
2 answers

What is this individual's military service number?

Below is a clipping of a 1942 military document detailing promotions of personnel. The column listing "service numbers" seems to specify them in an abbreviated fashion. Given that assumption and ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How can I find out the name of this street?

The image below comes from a page from the 1940 US Census: (Full size image here.) The page header from the Census is a poor scan. While I can make out the location as Washington DC, I'm unsure as ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Searching 1940s census database without names?

I'm adopted. I have non-identifying information about my birth mother and birth father, which I was able to use to find my birth mother's family through the 1940s census data (I also had her last name,...
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1 answer

How to locate 1940 United States census pages by address?

I'm not able to locate a George Bismark Foster, married to Ola Kathleen Mundy in the 1940 census records by name search. I know they were still alive because I have found an April 27, 1942 WWII draft ...
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Seeking 1945 New Jersey Death Record

I am looking for the complete death record of John Kalashi (+ Oct 1945) who passed away in Atlantic City NJ. According to Reclaim The Records, some years of the index are missing, including 1930-1948. ...
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