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Questions tagged [address]

The (usually locally unique) identifier (or label) for a single location (e.g. house, institution, building, farm, estate) within a named place.

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Identifying two addresses

I am trying to identify the following two addresses. I have looked at past street names in Philadelphia and old maps of Vineland N.J. without success. The first one is 1317 Salithos (?) St., ...
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Location of Route 1, Grants Pass, Oregon USA

I am trying to find the location of the addresses: R.F.D 1, Grants Pass (1934-1944) and Rt 1, Box 413 Grants Pass (1946). My great-grandmother and her husband, Thomas Albert Bird, lived in Grants Pass ...
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Family research in Aden Colony

I am researching my paternal side's family history. They lived in Aden Colony during the British Colonisation in 1839-1967 (128 years) and left Aden in 1967. They used to own property in Aden during ...
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