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For questions about the legal process that occurs when a person dies intestate (without leaving a valid will). This legal process is called administration, the person appointed to distribute the estate is the administrator, and the records typically produced are letters of administration.

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Who are the Campbells in this document?

These documents are from the Warren County, Mississippi probate records of Mississippi Emily (Strong) Folkes. The administratrix was her daughter Ida W. (Folkes) Smith. This Administrator's Bond ...
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Obtaining probate or administration documentation from solicitor?

These two situations are linked, and relate to relatively recent grants of administration in England. An individual died intestate about 5 years ago, and having no surviving spouse or children, her ...
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How to explain this administration of Estate?

My great great great grandmother Ann Helferty died in Glasgow in 1871. She was originally from county Tyrone but came to Scotland with her husband and children in the 1850s. I am confused about the ...
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Proving Jane Middleton of Somerset only Next of Kin in 1872 to Thomas Chichester who died 1838 in Guyana?

From the England & Wales National Probate Calendar entry below I know that my 3rd great grand uncle Thomas Chichester (who is mentioned in Where to find Will of Giles Chichester from 1820s, ...
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Why did the executor or administrator for somebody dying intestate in UK in 1800s have to pay a bond?

I have received 2 wills in the UK only to find the person died intestate and those responsible for administering their estate had to pay a bond, which is described on a separate printed page. What is ...
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