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Questions tagged [american-revolution]

For questions about relatives involved in the political up heal related to American Revolution and the war itself in the American War for Independence, or family history events associated with this political or wartime period. The political period is defined as political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 and the war time period is defined as 1776 to 1883.

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3 votes
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Finding original name of British army deserter known as John Cusey?

My ancestor, John Cusey, deserted from the British army during the American Revolution and joined the colonists, even being wounded in battle. My problem is that we believe, when he deserted, to avoid ...
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What is the meaning of the handwritten notation on the pension record of Charles Clements?

I am trying to interpret this US Revolutionary War pension payment record: I am interested in the date of death of Charles Clements of Flauvanna, Virginia. The line for him ends with this notation: ...
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Proving the father of Elijah Butterfield born 1792 in Washington County, New York

Need help getting my DAR application approved. The only ancestor I haven't proved yet is the link between Elijah Butterfield born November 24, 1792 in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York, and his ...
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Early NY and PA research

I've hit a difficult spot in my research, and I'm hoping for some research suggestions. My ancestor, Christian Rice was born in Orange County NY in 1762 ("near Goshen"). In his pension application, he ...
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Reconciling mid-18th century US marriage records for James Lea and Ann/Anne Tolbert/Herndon?

I am finding contradictory information about James Lea (of 18th c. America) [JL] and whether he married Ann/Anne Holbert or Terndon. Of course, it is possible that there is more than one James Lea. ...
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Did Amasa Ransom from Litchfield (Connecticut) serve as sea captain during American Revolution?

Amasa Ransom from Litchfield (Connecticut) is reported to have been a sea captain. Could he have served with the American forces early in the revolution ( 1775- 1776)? He was married to Abigail ...
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Other 'non-loyalist' Immigration to Canada following American Revolution from the US

I am trying to track down a few individuals that I believe may have immigrated to Canada following the American Revolution but before the War of 1812. Assuming a primary motivation for moving to ...
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