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1 answer

Obtaining Death Certificate Argentina

My Russian Grandfather escaped in 1948 on a ship to Buenos Aires, I have located the passengers list, his name, Cámara Nacional Electoral in Buenos Aires confirms his registration and official ...
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Investigation in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am trying to investigate a relative that migrated to Argentina. I have been able to find the references to the records of marriage and death. What I know: Name: Pedro Peñalba Águeda Marriage: 16/12/...
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Finding records of emigration from UK to Argentina in 1935

My relative George Owen emigrated on 19 Oct 1935 with his two children from Southampton, UK to Argentina via ship to Buenos Aires. He was an experienced railway engineer and family stories say helped ...
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Seeking Argentina-Buenos Aires immigration and residential records for Dusan Biukovic

My grandfather Dusan (or Daniel) Biukovic (surname versions: Biucovich, Biukovich) migrated from Svinica, Yugoslavia (now Croatia) in 1926 and probably died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. How to ...
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Finding record of immigration to Argentina from Spain?

I have lost track of a relative when he took a ship to Argentina from Spain. His name was Pedro Peñalba Águeda (born around 1890-1900), and our oral history says that he took a ship named Conte Rosso ...
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15 votes
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Finding ship manifests for immigrants to Argentina in early 1900s?

I am looking for a family that emigrated from Poland to Argentina around 1901. I found a transcription of the ship's (SS Georg, sailed from Libau to Buenos Aires) manifest on which they arrived (the ...
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