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Questions tagged [army]

For questions about the land-based branch of the military.

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Why would a regular soldier join a militia? Circa 1795/1800s

Has anyone ever come across an instance where a soldier has left the regular army and joined a militia? I have an ancestor who served with the 3rd or King's Own Regiment of Dragoons in the 1790s on ...
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Did the Army know when somebody in the Reserves died?

I have now obtained my grandfather (TJ)'s Army Records and they're a very interesting read... To put it mildly, he was neither a good soldier nor one who believed in staying with the colours ...
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Is there any information about the 1st Bn, the Royal Sussex Regiment at Peshawar being in Cliffden during 1917?

I would like to find out more about Cliffden, in Peshawar in the year 1917. Allow me to provide some background information: My wife's great grandfather was serving in the 1st Bn, the Royal Sussex ...
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Military records for the Battle of Waterloo?

My great-great grandfather Gottlob Daniel fought with the German army under Gen. Bluecher in the Battle of Waterloo. I have a medal he received which has been passed down thru the family. He was a ...
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Seeking World War 1 service record for Italian Army cook from Collessano, Sicily?

AI am looking for family records for Gioacchino Misita, who was a cook in the Italian Army in WWI. He was from Collessano, Sicily. He was shot in the leg. How can I access his service record? I ...
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What does the ERC in the Component box of an Honorable Discharge form refer to?

I am reading through an Honorable Discharge for a relative who lived in New Mexico before and after his service in WW II. Basically I understand what has been written except for ther COMPONENT Space. ...
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