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For questions about ancestors and records in the country of Austria. This includes previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of present-day Austria, as well as the area that was part of the Austrian Empire.

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Country other than Switzerland where place of origin is not same as place of birth?

In Switzerland we have a system where the place of origin is not the place of birth - the place of origin is transmitted from father to son just like the surnames are, and is strongly linked with the ...
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What coal mining towns in Austria were in common migration paths for Slovenians?

I have a marriage in Austria on January 10, 1898 between Jožefina Gregorčič most likely born in Veliki Cernik, Slovenia on February 24, 1874 and coal miner Alois Kovač born in Austria on June 30, 1872....
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Seeking German military service records for Jozef Mühlgay (or his brothers) of Bavaria?

I've been trying to figure out if my great-grandfather, Jozef Mühlgay, or his brothers were called up for the Great War. What I know is that at the time of the war, my great-grandfather and his ...
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Finding parents/siblings of Pietro Bracchetti who lived in Ala, Trent,Tirol, Austria around 1678?

I am researching Pietro Bracchetti who lived in Ala, Trent, Tirol, Austria around 1678: He was born in Lemma. He traveled to Ala because he was the architect that worked at the construction of the ...
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