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Questions tagged [ayrshire]

Use this tags for records created in or events happening in the Scottish historic county of Ayrshire.

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14 votes
2 answers

Are parents listed on marriage certificate "proof" of parentage?

I have traced back to a John McAllister born in 1856 in St Quivox, Ayrshire in Scotland. I have his marriage certificate which names both his parents (Thomas McAllister and Martha Strachan) however I ...
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2 answers

Finding evidence for divorce of Hugh Sillars and Agnes Macculloch in mid-19th Century Scotland?

This question involves some of the same family as an earlier question of mine (Finding New York City/State records relating to Sellars family (British subjects) births/deaths mid 19th century?) but is ...
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How can I verify if Kilbirnie is in the Dalry parish in Scotland?

I can find Dalry being listed as a parish but not whether Kilbirnie is one of its associated towns. I have been able to find similar resources for the UK. We are talking about 1851. According to this ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Where was Shankston in Ayr in 1868?

I have a marriage certificate from 1868. It is in the parish of Old Cunmock, in the County of Ayr in Scotland. For the husband to be (Samuel Harris) it says his usual place of residence was Shankston. ...
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2 answers

What is the connection between Campbell and Ayr? [duplicate]

So I have at long last established the birth of my wifes Great Grandfather (Alexander Campbell Harries). (see: Finding records of professional athlete and trainer who married 1911 at Cardiff, Wales?). ...
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Transcribing place of occupation (Coal Pit) and information about it

I am trying to determine the Coal Pit where Samuel Harris was stated to have been working on 13 Feb 1877 in Irvine. I can make out: Samuel Harris Engineman at Bay? Coal Pit I tried to google it (eg: ...
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