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For questions about customs and traditions associated with baptism or christening. Baptism is a Christian rite commonly (but not always) performed in infancy.

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How long after birth would a Catholic baptism have occurred in the late 19th Century in Mexico?

How long after an infant's birth would the baptism have occurred in the Catholic church in the 1890s in Mexico? I've found a record of a baptism that may be my grandfather's, but it is almost a year ...
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2 answers

Average time between birth and baptism in the Church of England?

Because it is relatively uncommon to find sources of birth dates before the start of civil registration in England in 1837, it is a widespread (and I think not unreasonable) convention for ...
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0 answers

1695 Baptism at sea?

My great(5)-grandfather Daniel Cooper Sr. was (supposedly) born at sea, the story told in Littell (First Settlers of the Passaic Valley) is commonly repeated: But if this actually happened (there are ...
13 votes
4 answers

Is the term "baptism" or "christening" more accurate in old parish registers?

Looking at Church of England parish registers from the 17th-18th centuries, some pages are titled "baptisms" while others "christenings". Now we use the terms more or less interchangeably, but would ...
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4 answers

Is it normal to be baptised on same day as birth?

I'm looking at a transcription of a baptismal record from September 18, 1866 that lists the birth as also being September 18, 1866. Is it normal for this time period to be baptised on the same day ...
5 votes
2 answers

Private baptism in one church followed by baptism in another?

I have definitively identified my ancestor John Charles Wright born circa 1830, but have two conflicting baptism records for him that I need to reconcile. John Charles Wright maintained all his life ...
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2 answers

Does the Church of Latter Day Saints perform a 'baptism for the dead' ritual for everyone they obtain records for?

I have recently been to a family reunion in which we all offer updates to our branch of the family, such as births, deaths, graduations, etc. Therefore personal data about me, my kids and my parents ...
8 votes
4 answers

Why was Flossie baptised twice (1898,1903) at Stalbridge, Dorset, England?

On 6 September 1903, Flossy Maud Mary Ann Mogg was baptised in Stalbridge Parish Church, Dorset England. Her birth date was given as 10 December 1897, and her parents as Walter Mogg (Farmer) and his ...
5 votes
1 answer

Was it common for parents to baptise a baby/child if they knew he was sickly and likely going to die soon?

At Upper Beeding, Sussex, England, my 4x Great Uncle, Henry Juden seems to have been baptised just before his death. Henry Juden Baptism - 13th May 1842
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1 answer

How soon after birth would Roman Catholic baptism normally occur in early 18th century Germany?

In Germany during the 18th century (esp. early 18th century), how soon after birth would baptism commonly take place? Of course it wasn't the same for every child, but was there some sort of usual ...
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1 answer

Were godparents always married, and did they always live in the same village?

While going through some Ukrainian Greek Catholic baptismal records from the 19th century, I have made two observations which I want to validate: Most godparents appear to be married. This is at ...
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2 answers

What does "Full Baptist Communion" indicate?

I am trying to tie baptism records with my ancestors, and recently came across a copy of the baptist church records in the area. The name of this person is Edward Penny, born about 1742 in Harwich, ...
10 votes
3 answers

What does "privately baptised" mean in a Welsh parish register of 1799?

The parish register for St. Dogwells, Pembrokeshire has the following entry for 1799: There is no burial record in this or an adjacent parish church in Wales for an infant John James between 1799 and ...