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The historical name for a region in Eastern Europe. The area on the Black Sea between the Dniester River on the north and east, and the Prut River on the west which is now split by the border between Ukraine and Moldova.

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Birth Records for Orhei/Orgeev from 1881

I am searching for the birth record of Elias Weinstock who was born in Orhei in 1881. Where is the best resource to search for Orhei birth records. I have tried all the usual sources however I ...
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Locating Old Sakaran Bessarabia near Kishinef [closed]

Trying to find Old Sakaran near Kishinev in Bessarabia.
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Understanding Bessarabia for genealogy?

My grandparents, Albert Miller (Müller), born 1901, and Maria Staubert, born 1905, grew up in nearby villages in Beassarabia, perhaps Leipzig and another. They met and and married in 1925 (I ...
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Identifying birth family of Abram Frank, possibly from Bessarabia?

Abe Frank (1/15/1859 - 11/18/1925), buried in B'Nai Israel Cemetery, Jackson, Tennessee, was married to Betty (11/13/1859 - 7/1/1927), also known as Bodgie. Their daughter Dora, my grandmother, ...
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Finding records about Germans from Russia (Bessarabia)

Many of my German ancestors seem to have come from a place called Plotzk, Bessarabia. They ended up in South Dakota, many in Parkinston, Hutchinson County, SD. Here are some examples of a few of ...
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