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A collection of texts sacred to the Christian and Jewish religions. In genealogy, can refer to a "family bible" - a bible handed down through the generations containing hand-written information on births, marriages and deaths in the family.

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What is this hand written, abbreviated month?

I have a death section of a family bible and I'm having trouble reading it: The entry for James B Scott died Feb ?Sep? 21, 1953. Is that month September, April, or another month in 1953? The first ...
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Identifying era of Family Bible posted on Facebook?

I was contacted about a family bible for an ancestor of my wife and which has been posted on FaceBook with some photos, including these two: From the posted pictures, is there enough information to ...
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Has a modern genealogy been traced back to a biblical person?

I have heard claims that people have traced their genealogy back to King David of the Old Testament. But I've also heard that most (if not all) have major gaps or assumptions in the lineage. Is there ...
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What type of source is a Family Bible?

Given that many families have old Family Bibles with births, deaths, and marriages recorded in them (some of which may predate formal records of the same from the local jurisdictions, or which ...
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Handling and storage tips for old Family Bible

I have an old Bible that was printed about 1821. The Bible belonged to my second great grandfather, Ephriam Benn. I want to preserve the Bible, and I want to share information about the Bible with ...