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House History for demolished property

I am researching the history of demolished properties and the reasons why they were demolished. For example, they may have been unfit for occupancy. Where can I find information on a property in Grove ...
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1946 - Duncan House - Clifton Bristol

I am looking at a birth certificate for 2 November 1946: Sub district - Clifton District - Bristol Registration District - Bristol For where born it it says Duncan House U.D. After some research I ...
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How to search for a New York area 20th century building by its appearance?

I have these photos I inherited from my father of a building near a water feature that was taken around June 1958 in the New York City area, in a roll of film that is right before some photos of West ...
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What is this military related building in New York City area?

I have three photos of what appear to be the same building, taken in consecutive succession on the same roll of film around June 1958. I see military folks in the photos. The photos are taken near ...
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