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For questions about customs, traditions, and laws associated with interment, including funerals.

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Did UK Poor Houses pay for pauper's graves?

This came from a voluntary group who help look after an old UK cemetery and I noticed that there are 14 buried in this one plot. I thought there was a limit to the number of people who could be ...
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What could explain that somebody is buried half a year after dying?

Perhaps a rather morbid question, but it made me think when I saw this data: Died: 2017-11-19 Buried: 2018-05-05 I thought that corpses were put in those little "chilly boxes" near/in ...
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Were bodies shipped overseas to be buried?

Would it be possible, during the 1600s, to die in the New World and have your body shipped/returned to where your family came from? I'm specifically looking at Mary Sharpe, Daughter of Jan and Henry ...
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Finding resting place of deceased Leicestershire clergyman?

I'm attempting to find the burial location of clergyman Edward Brewer Brooks who I know to have died in my house in 1901 (in the UK). I can trace his entire career through Crockford's Clerical ...
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Was it common for parents to baptise a baby/child if they knew he was sickly and likely going to die soon?

At Upper Beeding, Sussex, England, my 4x Great Uncle, Henry Juden seems to have been baptised just before his death. Henry Juden Baptism - 13th May 1842
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Finding photo of Robert Mason's 1890 Headstone on Isle of Wight?

Robert Mason is my 2x Great Grandfather. He died in 1890 from Phthisis, or T.B. I am descended through one of his daughters whom when she died left with her things a note which is assumed to be her ...
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What records might be created in England when people are re-interred?

There are two people in my database that seem to have two records about their burials -- one in Massachusetts, and one in Devon. I haven't found any other information that would indicate these are ...
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What can I deduce if a grave is re-used?

DeceasedOnline (a database of UK burials and cremations) shows that my ancestor Ellen Wright (née Brown) was buried in Cheshunt Cemetery Hertfordshire in 1871, in grave reference 37AQ. In ...
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Why would these 3 be buried westward facing?

3 related family members were buried (Church of England, deaths from 1913-1926) at Bell, Queensland cemetery facing westward. They are the only 3 doing so. What may have been the reason/cause for this ...
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