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Questions tagged [california]

For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of California, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1850) when it was Mexican territory.

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0 answers

Mental hospital records for 1939-41 in San Jose, California

I am writing a memoir and want to know more about my maternal grandmother's last years. She was interned at Agnews State Mental Hospital in San Jose, which closed in 1971. I'd like to know exactly ...
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2 answers

Finding when parents married in Modesto, California, USA

I need to know what year and month my parents married in Modesto, California, USA. How can I find out?
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4 votes
4 answers

What is San Francisco lodge- No. 2, K. R. A?

What is San Francisco lodge- No. 2, K. R. A? This title was found and copied from the obit for my great grandfather Adam Farnlacher who passed in San Francisco in November 1908.
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Tracing Kathryn Connolly Chalmers Hearst (born 1898, Minneapolis)?

I am trying to locate information on my maternal grandmother Kathryn Connelly Chalmers Hearst for who I have this timeline: born in Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN ON 3/27/1898 as Kathryn Eileen Connelly ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Records of miners in the California Gold Rush?

I am looking for an ancestor who may have been in Grass Valley, Yuba Co., CA in 1850 as a gold miner. Did miners leave any records? I did not see any references to mining in the FamilySearch WIKI for ...
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2 answers

How to interpret dates on California Indexes to Electoral Registers

Ancestry has a collection "California, Voter Registrations, 1900-1968". This consists of images of various documents relating to Electoral Registers. In particular, I am looking at the images for San ...
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Obtaining 1973 baptism record in San Diego, California, USA?

How might one go about getting a baptism record for a person born in San Diego in 1973? The name of at least one family Catholic church is known.
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7 votes
1 answer

Getting information from closed mental institution in California, USA?

My great-uncle's wife was committed to Camarillo State Hospital in California for something over 30 years, until her death in 1967. She has no descendants. I have become very interested in this ...
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Looking for Francois Paul Leon Mouchet in 1930 census in Los Angeles?

I can't find my father, Francois Paul Leon Mouchet in the 1930 census. He usually went by Frank Mouchet or F. Paul Mouchet. He was born in Canada (British Columbia) on 14 November 1906. In the 1929 ...
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California Freemason Records

I have been told that my great-grandfather was a Mason in California, and that it is possible to request such records. I have no information on how to actually do that, and haven't had much success. ...
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2 answers

Finding details of recent Will in California?

I want to be sure if I am or am not included in the will of my relative who died in California in 2000. What kind of lawyer I should refer to investigate. Can a lawyer give idea about cost to look ...
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1 answer

Confirming death details of gentleman born 1921, died 1970-75 (probably California) and buried in Wilkes County, Georgia, USA?

I believe a particular gentleman was born in 1921, and died probably in California between 1970 to 1975, but was buried in Wilkes County, Georgia where he was born. He had been a merchant seaman at ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Finding late 1930's ship departures from the Port of San Francisco?

I have been able to locate arrival records from Europe to the United States but have not been able to have success with the reverse. My grandfather and his mother returned back to Europe soon after ...
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Finding Passenger Lists for Irish immigrants to USA 1923-1925?

I'm trying to locate the following family on the passenger lists. Richard Richardson born c1897 Mary/Molly Richardson born c1895 Jane Richardson born c1923 All born in Co. Cork, Ireland. They ...
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2 answers

Looking for San Francisco maps c.1912?

I have a project that would benefit greatly from an area map of San Francisco. The dates of the project range from 1911-1913 so I would like to find as large-resolution map as possible of the ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do I obtain historical Articles of Incorporation in California?

I am trying to discover the individuals who originally founded the Green Investment Company in San Francisco. Some searching online revealed that they filed their Articles of Incorporation on Tuesday, ...
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