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Questions tagged [carmarthenshire]

For questions about records or events in the historic county of Carmathenshire Wales.

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Wny wouldn't the men in a middle-class Welsh family in the 19th century marry their partners?

My four greats grandfather John Hughes was mayor of Carmarthen, magistrate, merchant and shipowner. He married his wife in 1796. However, none of his male children married their partners. All three of ...
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Looking for birth record of Catherine Jones in Llanfynydd, circa 1882

I'm looking for the above record of a birth of Catherine Jones, said to have been born around 1882 in Llanfynydd, which could be any number of places in Wales. She married my great-great grandfather ...
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Understanding why my relatives were in prison

1841 was a bad year for my ancestor William Walters and his family of Pont Wedwst in Cilrhedyn, Carmarthenshire, Wales. They buried one son, Samuel, aged 25, on 8th February 1841. And the Census of ...
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