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For questions about finding, reading or interpreting a cause of death, such as might be given on a death certificate or other death record

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Finding medical records for Richmond State Hospital patient?

My 2nd great-grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth Armegust or Arbingast, was born 22 Sept 1837 in Ohio and died 24 July 1929 at the Richmond State Hospital, Wayne, Indiana, United States. She lived for a ...
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Determining cause of death from Spanish death certificate

This is related to: Deciphering names from Spanish death certificate Deciphering Work Profession from Spanish death certificate I am trying to decipher this cause of death. The added complication is ...
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What does it mean if cause of death is listed as "Insanity" in late 1800s?

My great, great grandmother's cause of death is listed as "Insanity" on her death record, and I'm not sure what this means. She died in Winsted, McLeod County, Minnesota in 1872 at age 37, and had ...
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Methods to organize medical genealogy information?

An aspect of genealogy that I have recently become very interested in is medical genealogy. Numerous sources give me information about my medical family history, such as: anecdotal evidence (for ...
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