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Half Sibling/First cousin [duplicate]

From reading many sources, I've discovered that half siblings' shared centimorgans typically range from 1300-2300? And I'm curious about cm lengths in combination with that number. If a person had ...
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Understanding why first cousins may share only 360 cM

I have taken a closer look at the info on my 23andMe match with my known 1st cousin. It says we share 360 Centimorgans, and the Centimorgan charts I've looked at suggest this is potentially outside ...
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Is 64.2% / 4776 cM full sibling an outlier?

According to 23andme, my younger brother and I (male) matched 64.2% with 4776 cM. That seemed weird since our matches with our parents are the normal ~50% or just under. This is very much not my field,...
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What does 1 morgan (or 100 centimorgan) mean? [duplicate]

I'm used to seeing genetic drift measured in centimorgan units. The presence of the "centi" prefix implies there is a morgan unit equal to 100 centimorgan. However, looking at lists showing ...